Spanish morphosyntactic disambiguator

Santana, O.; Pérez, J.; Losada, L.; Carreras, F.
The 17th Joint International Conference of the Association for Computers and the Humanities and the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing. ACH/ALLC 2005. Conference Abstracs. ISBN: 1-55058-308-5.
June, 2005.

This system is intended to provide a close view of the Spanish grammar to researchers, enhancing their performance and reliability. This is a first step that will allow, with the addition of new features, to keep improving until reaching a goodness of 100%. Any automated processing of a text entails inevitably the syntactic analysis of its sentences, following the morphosyntactic disambiguation of the elements that compose it, allowing for different possible applications: a) to provide precise synonymous for a given word, b) to analyze its literary style, c) to know its semantics, d) to extract information or summarize its contents, e) to make trustworthy translations to other languages, f) to answer to concrete questions on its content, etc.

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