Software application for parasynthesis in Spanish automatic processing

Santana, O.; Carreras, F.; Pérez, J.; Rodríguez, J.C..
The 2005 International Conference on Machine Learning; Models, Technologies and Applications. MLMTA'05. Proceedings. ISBN: 1-932415-73-4.
June, 2005.

This work is about a computer application for parasynthesis in Spanish automatic processing, which works with 3800 parasynthetical morpholexical relationships deduced from a corpus of 148798 canonical forms. The developed computational tool is capable of solving and answering to any morpholexical aspect of a Spanish word because of it includes the suffixation and prefixation processing. The tool encompasses everything related with derivation, prefixation, parasynthesis and other nearby aspects. It allows the recognition, the generation and the manipulation of morpholexical relationships of any word and of its related words, includes the recovery of all its lexicogenetic information until arriving at a primitive, the management and the control of the affixes in the treatment of its relationships, as well as the irregularities and exceptions of lexicon, which are many in a highly inflected language.

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