FreeConj-TIP. Un conjugador verbal para el español bajo licencia GNU

Carreras-Riudavets, Z.; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, G., Martín-González, David, Villanueva-Roca, Carlos Aarón
31st International Conference Comunication, Cognition & Cybernetics (AESLA). ISBN: .
Abril, 2013.

The FreeConj-TIP software has been developed in the programming language C++, under the GNU General Public. This program solves the Spanish verb conjugation. FreeConj-TIP solves the conjugation applying basic rules of conjugation and Spanish orthography. The conjugation of the highly irregular verbs is resolved based on data. This design, which uses of one hand some simples rules and other data, has enabled that FreeConj-TIP code is simple and easy to incorporate into other applications of natural language processing. Furthermore, since FreConj-TIP works with plain text for saving their data, it is easy to add new infinitives and their conjugate forms.

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