El reconocimiento automático de la composición en español

Santana, O.; Carreras, F.; Pérez, J.; Gutiérrez, V.
Digital Humanities 2006. Conference Abstracts of the First Internacional Conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations (ADHO). ISBN: 2-9526916-0-6.
Julio, 2006.

It deals with computerizing one of the processes of words formation in Spanish: the composition. They will solely be studied those cases in which the compound word has been consolidated like the graphical union of the elements that compose it, in regular or irregular way. The formation rules and the application criteria in each case are deduced, consequently, they allow the automated identification of the compound words. The different compounds are extracted from several lexical sources and the applied mechanisms of recognition will be studied, likewise the grammatical categories of original words and the resultant compound. The found recognition criteria are classified and the detected exceptions and irregularities are considered.

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