Development of support services for linguistic research over the Internet TIN2004-03988

Santana, O.; Pérez, J.; Carreras, F.; Hernández, Z.; Rodríguez, J.C.; Díaz, M.; Duque, J.; Rodríguez, G.
Jornadas de Seguimiento de Proyectos en Tecnologías Informáticas. Madrid
Febrero, 2007.

The objective of this project is to place a set of remote services and clients at the disposal of the international community over the Internet in order to computationally solve linguistic phenomena of the Spanish language. The implemented services are as follows: a remote service of morphological analysis, a remote service of information on morpholexical relationships and a remote service of functional disambiguation. These services allow access to any authorized remote application by means of the inclusion of the corresponding definition document. Additionally, a client of morphosyntactic analysis of texts and a morpholexical client of information recovery have been developed. Both clients are end-use tools that put at stake the potentiality of services.

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