Relaciones morfoléxicas prefijales para el procesamiento del lenguaje natural

Santana, O.; Carreras, F.; Pérez, J.
Editorial MILETO; ISBN: 84-95282-92-5. Madrid, 2005.
Number of pages: 116.

This book is the result of the continuity of the research carried out by the TIP, in the field of derivative morphology. The relationships presented show, from the point of view of the treatment of natural language, the need to extend the mofoléxico study of the words of Spanish, first to the prefix relations, later, to the parasynthetic relations and, finally, to other less frequent Spanish word formation mechanisms. This book exposes a taxonomy of the prefixes framed in the derivative morphology (those that qualify the meaning of the base to which they are added, without contributing a strong semantic load to the final result) deduced from a corpus of 148 798 canonical forms. The morphological features associated with each prefix suitable for the processing of natural language are described --sometimes, they do not have to coincide with linguistic criteria in the strict sense. It details the meanings it provides, the established training rules, irregularities and exceptions.