Manual de la conjugación del español. 12 790 verbos conjugados

Santana, O.; Carreras, F.; Hernández, Z.; Pérez, J.; Rodríguez, G.
Editorial ARCO/LIBROS, S.L.; ISBN: 84-7635-507-6. Madrid, 2002.
Number of pages: 352.

This book aims to help the reader in the conjugation of any Spanish verb. The structure of the work makes it easy to find a verb and its corresponding conjugation model. 117 models are proposed that characterize, in great detail, all the variations of the verbal conjugation, including the graphic variations of all types, including the smallest ones, such as the changes of accentual accents. The 12 790 verbs considered collect the verbs in use (it is true that in some cases very reduced) of the main lexical sources of Spanish.

This book is divided into two parts: the conjugation models and the alphabetic relation of all the verbs. In each model attention is drawn to its peculiarities and the simple and composite times of the paradigm are shown. The list of verbs includes: their conjugation model, the grammatical category and the participles that do not follow the model.